Safety vs. Shelter

by Horses and Bayonets

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Safety vs. Shelter is the second album from Prince George five-piece Horses and Bayonets. Building upon the reception of their first album, the band has explored darker, more personal themes, and stretched themselves musically to bring together a large, dramatic concept album.


released November 25, 2014

All songs on Safety vs. Shelter written by Horses and Bayonets, except Safety vs. Shelter, written by Horses and Bayonets, Jake Olexyn, and Landon Hilde.

All words by Bryce Lokken.

Vocals: Bryce Lokken, Devon Meyer, and Nick Tindale.
Guitars: Devon Meyer, Cale Sharp, Bryce Lokken.
Bass: Alex Chin.
Drums: Nick Tindale.

Additional vocals on Patriarch/Matriarch by Kim Warren. Additional vocals on Safety vs. Shelter by Jake Olexyn.
Additional drums, guitars, bass and creative input by Connor Pritchard.

Produced by Connor Pritchard and Bryce Lokken. Engineered, edited and mixed by Connor Pritchard at Edgewood Audio in Prince George, BC.

Mastered by Chris 'Hollywood' Holmes in Kelowna, BC.



all rights reserved


Horses and Bayonets Prince George, British Columbia

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Track Name: Safety vs. Shelter
kids with no voice
you make no noise
let’s give them something to scream about right now

children without a name
children without a choice
let’s give them something to scream about right now

ready, set, settle, she’s settling
I can’t believe you let this monster in
do you not see what lives inside of him?
this has no ending, aside from my ending
so we’re breaking and bending
you are unmoved all the same
in this classroom as these tears run down my face
I’m so afraid

I am too small and too weak to speak

I have no home
no home
you took everything
yeah, you took everything, so go

so vicious this circle
swear it: I’ll end the cycle
circle as vultures
kid meet your culture
blood all over
all over these floors
no-one can see it
no, not anymore

I am too small and too weak to speak


keep calm, keep calm, press on
stay strong, raise your eyes t’ward the sun
oh unwanted ones

safety vs. shelter
safety vs. shelter vs. home

Track Name: Elliott
he's drunk again
though the room is spinning, he'll always find his target
one day I'll end your life
one day I'll end your life
this place has blood on the carpets
this place smells like destruction
one day I'll end your life

I should have killed you when I had the chance

I wish your sleeping neck met my hands
destroy the man who destroyed my life
he's the only one who walked away fine
he's the only one who walked away
never again, never again will you be
safe to walk alone on these streets
you're an animal
and I'll be neither swift nor merciful.

I remember these words so clearly:
'if you tell the world what happens behind these closed doors,
when the lights are low, as I break your bones and I break your soul,
say a word, these scars won't be just yours
the little one as well
take that with you all the way to hell.'


watching unfazed
watching unchanged
mother watches her flesh and blood grow up in this man's cage
I want to be be brave, but I have such a frail frame
and if I'm the one covered in blood, he won't have to hurt the littlest one
brother, please forgive me, for I ran away
where I could not handle his violence, you were forced to take my place

so how strong are you now that I'm not five-foot-two?
and how high can a monster hold his head when the whole world knows his truth?

The liar's time has come.

his work could never be undone
my songs can't be unsung
I can't get clean this knife
the truth is worth my entire life
Track Name: Screwtape
dear uncle Screwtape
it’s almost too easy
yeah their strongest men fall so quickly
completely numb, no calamity
content to breathe, but not dream

dear uncle Screwtape
yeah, it’s almost far too easy
the men they claim are their best
fall apart so quickly

this is where we want them
only knowing lust
staring straight down
screaming ‘bottles bottles up’

dear uncle Screwtape
it’s almost too easy
their strongest men fall so quickly
completely numb, no calamity
content to breathe, but not dream

I’ve successfully trained my target
to care only about himself
to know that liquor and women
are far better for his health

yeah I taught him that dreams are for the youth
and laissez-faire for the strong
that coal mines are the pinnacle of mankind
and he’ll be remembered when he’s gone



resolve is for the lions
so let the sheep keep their pride
questions are for the strongest
may the sheep never open wide their eyes

resolve is for the lions
so let the sheep keep their pride
questions are for the strongest
may these sheep never open wide their eyes

“my nephew
so glad to hear all is well
rock bottom creates an awareness of hell
if he starts to think too much
you’ll have to reel him in

has he been exchanging words with stronger sheep?
make sure worthless thoughts are thoughts that he keeps
may he never feel the warmth of truth
nor the sting of hell’s heat”

one match to a pipe
lips to whiskey
watch a great generation drown themselves so quickly
one match to a pipe
one walking disease
our greatest minds
drown in dice and adultery
Track Name: Bipolar Bare
dark and cold
the sound of snow makes me sick to my stomach
dark and cold
do you see the snow?
this weather is coming

bipolar and bare
do you still love me tonight?
they all go away
and I understand why

bipolar and bare
do you love this monster tonight?
they all go away
and I understand why

cold and wet, I can’t move my limbs
yeah, I turned to concrete it happened again
I can’t leave my bed
why would you?
I can’t face the day
nor should you
I don’t believe in myself
how could you?
no one ever stays


the wrong chemicals are reacting
and you can see my reaction
my mind is tied down by these pills
suffocate both anger and passion

I set the sun on fire
tremble before my might
I am the greatest alive
a king among my kind
I filled the ocean that one time
I am the greatest mind
get your hands off me I’m fine
kerosene on the ground is my night light
it burns everything it touches but that’s alright
I set my friends on fire but we’re still tight

so God, take this pain
some simple chemistry
you put the stars in the sky
why can’t you help me?
the way my friends hurt hurts me
the way the ground shakes scares me
if I had a choice in my own life
I doubt I would have been born that night

but I promise you all I’ll be just fine
I’ve been through these months 25 times
I promise I’m gonna be alright
promise I’m gonna be alright

please don’t give up the fight

safe in these arms
shelter from the storm
no fear in here
and no harm
Track Name: Patriarch / Matriarch
these are my hands on the plough
can you see the sweat on my brow?
but my work here could never be finished

I sleep the lightest of all
that I might come when they call
these weak ones need my strength

you are not my own
blood of my blood
but I will love you all the same
no one else would

I tread most treacherous floods
I carry their bodies well above
this water cannot control them
not while I hold them

I grip this wheel so tight
that they may sleep through the night
I promise, some day we will arrive

Track Name: The Dawn
I don't wanna wake up anymore
and at this point breathing is a chore
pace these walls, stare at the floor

this weight on my chest is not imagined
but they all say it is
the pills can't help this
the pills can't help this

this might never be fixed
but don't you quit
don't you ever quit

see these sinking ships
you are so strong
hold on through the night my child
it's always darkest before the dawn
hold on tight to your hope my child
it's always darkest before the dawn

so watch these clouds roll in
and tear away at your roots
you wanna believe in something
but you've got no proof
I swear you're not a burden
I swear you're loved so trust me
that I know when every day is spent in chains
you just wanna be free

when there's no hope
yeah when there's no peace
and you'd give everything you own to feel free
yeah I've been there
you know I know that feeling
when you look down at your scars
and can't ignore those demons

I just want silence
but I can't stop the noise
everything sounds out of key
so I scream until I lose my voice
don't you tell me that you understand
have you ever been at the edge of this knife
pace this room back and forth
wondering if death hurts more than being


and I was there once
I was without sleep
tunnel without light
tunnel without peace
I raised my body up
from out the sea
love dried me off
and let me see
Track Name: What I Needed To Say
pride, sewing our mouths shut
fear, force me away from what I want
half a billion heartbeats ‘til it’s all done
half a billion heartbeats ‘til us and the ground become one

at least in the end I said what I needed to say
as much as these words terrify me
and at least my ghosts won’t follow me into the grave
as much as they’ve loved to stick beside me

hold, hold, hold your breath
so as to not scare your friends
what will they think
if you take off your mask
and show them your skin?


if you’re sick just be sick
if you love someone please tell them
‘cause I spent my evening watching the clock on the wall tick
we’re terminal at best

I’ve given up
and I’ve given in
there are literally scars on my skin
figurative darkness within
I’m built to bend and thus far I’ve bent

this weight is heavy and I’m spent
holding this weight is heavy and I’m spent
I’ve done my best
mother I swear I did my best
I explored every option but this
but please forgive me
forgive me and pass those matches