dark and cold
the sound of snow makes me sick to my stomach
dark and cold
do you see the snow?
this weather is coming

bipolar and bare
do you still love me tonight?
they all go away
and I understand why

bipolar and bare
do you love this monster tonight?
they all go away
and I understand why

cold and wet, I can’t move my limbs
yeah, I turned to concrete it happened again
I can’t leave my bed
why would you?
I can’t face the day
nor should you
I don’t believe in myself
how could you?
no one ever stays


the wrong chemicals are reacting
and you can see my reaction
my mind is tied down by these pills
suffocate both anger and passion

I set the sun on fire
tremble before my might
I am the greatest alive
a king among my kind
I filled the ocean that one time
I am the greatest mind
get your hands off me I’m fine
kerosene on the ground is my night light
it burns everything it touches but that’s alright
I set my friends on fire but we’re still tight

so God, take this pain
some simple chemistry
you put the stars in the sky
why can’t you help me?
the way my friends hurt hurts me
the way the ground shakes scares me
if I had a choice in my own life
I doubt I would have been born that night

but I promise you all I’ll be just fine
I’ve been through these months 25 times
I promise I’m gonna be alright
promise I’m gonna be alright

please don’t give up the fight

safe in these arms
shelter from the storm
no fear in here
and no harm


from Safety vs. Shelter, released November 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Horses and Bayonets Prince George, British Columbia

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