I don't wanna wake up anymore
and at this point breathing is a chore
pace these walls, stare at the floor

this weight on my chest is not imagined
but they all say it is
the pills can't help this
the pills can't help this

this might never be fixed
but don't you quit
don't you ever quit

see these sinking ships
you are so strong
hold on through the night my child
it's always darkest before the dawn
hold on tight to your hope my child
it's always darkest before the dawn

so watch these clouds roll in
and tear away at your roots
you wanna believe in something
but you've got no proof
I swear you're not a burden
I swear you're loved so trust me
that I know when every day is spent in chains
you just wanna be free

when there's no hope
yeah when there's no peace
and you'd give everything you own to feel free
yeah I've been there
you know I know that feeling
when you look down at your scars
and can't ignore those demons

I just want silence
but I can't stop the noise
everything sounds out of key
so I scream until I lose my voice
don't you tell me that you understand
have you ever been at the edge of this knife
pace this room back and forth
wondering if death hurts more than being


and I was there once
I was without sleep
tunnel without light
tunnel without peace
I raised my body up
from out the sea
love dried me off
and let me see


from Safety vs. Shelter, track released December 2, 2014
All songs on Safety vs. Shelter written by Horses and Bayonets, except Safety vs. Shelter, written by Horses and Bayonets, Jake Olexyn, and Landon Hilde.

All words by Bryce Lokken.

Vocals: Bryce Lokken, Devon Meyer, and Nick Tindale.
Guitars: Devon Meyer, Cale Sharp, Bryce Lokken.
Bass: Alex Chin.
Drums: Nick Tindale.

Additional vocals on Patriarch/Matriarch by Kim Warren. Additional vocals on Safety vs. Shelter by Jake Olexyn.
Additional drums, guitars, bass and creative input by Connor Pritchard.

Produced by Connor Pritchard and Bryce Lokken at Edgewood Audio in Prince George, BC. Engineered and edited by Connor Pritchard.

Mastered by Chris 'Hollywood' Holmes in Kelowna, BC.



all rights reserved


Horses and Bayonets Prince George, British Columbia

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