What I Needed To Say

from by Horses and Bayonets



pride, sewing our mouths shut
fear, force me away from what I want
half a billion heartbeats ‘til it’s all done
half a billion heartbeats ‘til us and the ground become one

at least in the end I said what I needed to say
as much as these words terrify me
and at least my ghosts won’t follow me into the grave
as much as they’ve loved to stick beside me

hold, hold, hold your breath
so as to not scare your friends
what will they think
if you take off your mask
and show them your skin?


if you’re sick just be sick
if you love someone please tell them
‘cause I spent my evening watching the clock on the wall tick
we’re terminal at best

I’ve given up
and I’ve given in
there are literally scars on my skin
figurative darkness within
I’m built to bend and thus far I’ve bent

this weight is heavy and I’m spent
holding this weight is heavy and I’m spent
I’ve done my best
mother I swear I did my best
I explored every option but this
but please forgive me
forgive me and pass those matches



from Safety vs. Shelter, released November 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Horses and Bayonets Prince George, British Columbia

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